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Collaborative Soft Skills Training Program Inspires Transformation at the Shri Guru Ram Rai Inter College, Dehradun

In an exceptional display of unity, various organizations in Dehradun collaborated to host an inspirational soft skills training program for Class 12 students on October 27, 2023.
This extraordinary event unfolded at the Shri Guru Ram Rai Inter College in Sahaspur, Dehradun, and the Govt. Inter College in Bhimawala, Vikas Nagar, Dehradun.Led by Mr. Vivek Kumar Sharma of Alien Paradox Technologies LLP, the program aimed to enhance logical thinking and interpersonal skills, empowering students for the challenges of the 21st century.
The day featured workshops, role-play exercises, team-building activities, and communication training, focusing on problem-solving and decision-making. Jyotiswarnim Welfare Society , The Elite Educational Welfare Society, Enroll Me Now, AusSkill International Hotel School and Alien Paradox Technologies LLP came together to bridge gaps and support youth through various life stages, from school to college to careers.
This collaborative effort underscores their dedication to nurturing Dehradun’s youth, preparing them for success in an increasingly competitive world. A significant step towards a brighter future for the participating students and the entire community!